A trip to Jaipur can’t be considered completed without tasting it’s famous local cuisine. But the hard part is knowing even half the places and food served there. Our food walk service in Jaipur helps you to discover all the hidden food gems of Jaipur city. This food walk not only presents the best food items available within Jaipur but also some of the hidden sights and activities of daily life of locals which mostly stay undiscovered. Jaipur Food Walks

  • Duration of Food Walk: 6 Hours.
  • Price: INR 6000 per slot on buying 2 or more slots. One slot for INR 7000. Private food walks available at extra cost.
  • Number of food places visited : 7 to 9 food shops .
  • Food type: Vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Some food items include dairy products. No alcohol.
  • Number of food dishes available: 14-16 dishes.
  • Places visited : Walled city, Jaipur.
  • Start time: 9 am till 4 pm.
  • Pickup and drop : Hotel pickup and drop within walled city.
  • Inclusions: Unlimited food, non-alcoholic drinks, bottled water, hand wipes, sanitizer.


Email info@indiafoodwalk.com or fill up the Contact Form.