Cooking Classes In Jaipur

Jaipur is not only a great tourist destination for sightseeing but also culinary tours. A cooking class in Jaipur is a perfect way to learn some details of authentic Rajasthani cooking. The cuisine and other aspects of the food culture are influenced heavily by it’s history, relations with surrounding areas and changes at different points in history. These cooking classes help you get an insight on all those aspects and more.

We arrange all cooking classes in the home of a local family which has been living in the city for multiple generations and is acquainted very well with the food culture of the city. You attend the class as a honoured guest and learn all the tricks about cooking a great multi-course meal in shortest amount of time. 

It’s history, brilliant mix of old traditions and modern city lifestyle provide it with certain charms which translate very well in to it’s food culture.  Cooking classes in Jaipur are more than just lessons about how to cook. They teach you a lot about the city’s way of life, the culinary history as it was in past and is now and of course help you to be a part of it for a while.

Dishes included in the cooking classes mostly vary a bit according to the season and include a few local food items like daal baati, churma, chaach as well as a few pan-Indian dishes with a local touch like some vegetable dishes, daals, pakora, breads (parantha, roti of different flours),  lassi, chai etc. All the classes, except specified otherwise are held in home of a local family to give our guests an authentic experience of how good food is the part of a local’s daily routine.

More Information :

Duration of Cooking Class :

4-5 Hours.

Price :

INR 6,500 per slot on buying 2 or more slots. One slot for INR 7,500. Private and customised cooking class available for extra charge.

Food type :

Mostly Vegetarian unless specified otherwise. A few meat dishes and vegan cooking can be arranged on request.

Number of food dishes :

11-14 dishes.

Timing :

Can be between 9:30 am and 6:00 pm. Depends on availability.

Transport :

Free pickup and drop from walled city.

Inclusions :

Non-alcoholic drinks, cost of cooking ingredients, snacks, tea, water.

Offers :

  1. If you purchase more than one activity in either city, then you maybe eligible for 10-15% discounts
  2. Certain activities like saaree tying, heena tattoos, shopping, market visits, participation in local festivals etc. can be arranged on request. Availability depends upon season, weather and dates